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September 21, 2016


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WATCH: A Real-World Marketing Best Practice [UNDER 60 SECONDS]

Do you know who your restaurant's guests truly are? Learn how Buyer Personas can help you figure that out and improve marketing & communication with your ideal guests. All in under a minute.


LEARN: Where to Find NFL Online Streams - A Sports Bar Guide

The NFL is upon is and more broadcast stations than ever are streaming their games online. Here's the lowdown on the different streaming options, and which might be beneficial to sports bars & restaurants.


Week 4 in the NCAA means lots of teams on bye weeks. There are only 18 of the Top 25 in action and only 4 games with both teams ranked: (17) Arkansas v (10)Texas A&M at 9pm ET, (19) Florida v (14) Tennessee at 3:30pm ET, (11) Wisconsin at (8) Michigan St 12pm ET and (12) Georgia at (23) Ole Miss also at 12pm ET.

The NFL enters its 3rd Week with everyone wondering if the New England Patriots QB is going to survive against JJ Watt and company as Houston visits New England on Thursday night. The Sunday game schedule is filled with some ho-hum match-ups but a couple of games stand out in the 4pm ET time slot. San Diego at Indianapolis and the New York Jets at Kansas City should be fairly entertaining if your local team already played at 1pm.

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Fried Food in a Shoe?

Here’s a fun little gallery showing some… creative plating options made by restaurants. Included: a skateboard, high-heels, and a steel pipe. We’re not saying they’re the right choices, but they are bold ones.

Imitation is Sometimes Dangerous

Know the Domino’s “Greatness Ads” from around 2013? It aired in the UK, so maybe not. In one of the ads, a Domino’s delivery man pops a wheelie on his motorbike. Well, one of their actual delivery guys decided to give it a try and captured it in a video. It’s exactly the disaster you’d expect. Check it out below..


Leggo My… On Second Thought…

Kellogg has recalled about 10,000 boxes of Eggo waffles because they might be contaminated with listeria. Yikes! Somewhere Eleven disapproves. Here are some tips to avoid getting your customers sick.




Why it matters to you: To maintain sales, sometimes you have to pay attention consumer trends. 

Consumers care more about their health than ever before, starting with what they eat. Companies are taking heed and offering options that are raised without the routine use of antibiotics. Number one on the list of “Every Fast Food Chain Ranked By Antibiotics”, is Chipotle. Despite the recent outbreak of E. Coli, among other issues, Chipotle has maintained a reputation for the integrity of their ingredients. Other companies that earned an A? Panera came in at number two. They have antibiotic free chicken and have vowed to remove artificial ingredients by 2017. Awesome! At the bottom of the list were some sit-downs like Olive Garden, Chilis and Denny’s. The most surprising failing mark was Starbucks which came in just above KFC, yikes! 



Why it’s important to you: While it might feel good to share your opinion, you are bound to make fewer friends than enemies doing it.

A Minnesota restaurant owner is in the unenviable position of defending a controversial entry on his exterior signage. In the wake of the St. Cloud Mall attack, owner Dan Ruedinger posted a message on his Londsale, MN reader board that says, “MUSLIMS GET OUT”. Ruedinger claims he isn’t directing his message at all Muslims, just the extremists. This operator has every right to express his 1st Amendment right to free speech and we don’t wish him ill, but isn’t there a better way to show solidarity with those that experienced loss than by vilifying an entire class of people? Minnesota is home to a significant Muslim population from places like the Sudan, who won’t likely see the distinction intended by Ruedinger and his signage. It may not have been intended as bigoted, but that’s how anyone who is Muslim will certainly see it.



Why it’s important to you: If you are a professional restaurant operator, the performance of Trump’s restaurants should piss you off.

When you work as hard as we do to provide a comfortable, entertaining and safe experience for your guests, it should rub you the wrong way when you read about the performance of Donald Trump’s various restaurants. From the salmonella-infected mousse that killed a guest, to the expired products, roaches, and other incredible sanitation violations. There is simply no limit to what this guy gets away with in his business ventures. Take the Trump Café and Grill at the Trump Tower in NYC. It received 45 violations during an October 2015 inspection. Five of the violations were critical including unapproved shellfish, a lack of proper thermometers and unsanitary wiping cloths. Add to that another inspection that found live roaches and you will wonder what the Whitehouse State Dinners will be like if this guy gets elected.