Grade Your Staff [Hack #081]

Build that perfect schedule...

Staff chemistry is a recipe like any other in our industry. Mixing people of different skills, temperaments and experience can go great -- or be a disaster.

It takes a solid knowledge of your team to properly tune the schedule for your optimal performance. That starts by taking the time to honestly assess the quality of your staff members. Think of yourself like a baseball coach with 20 players trying to find the perfect lineup. Armed with a complete and comprehensive assessment, you can now assemble them onto schedules.

Here is where you begin tuning. Look at the schedule grade mix and track performance based on that mix. If you find having two ‘A’ staff members working gains a significant result improvement, than you know that is the minimum level you need to schedule.

Of course, this can be an administrative headache, but by using digital scheduling you can get that data more easily and use it to your advantage.

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