Welcome to The Rail

When the idea behind The Rail first surfaced, we couldn’t fully comprehend what we were building. We went back and forth between our desire to create a media company for the restaurant industry and being a blog site that focused on restaurant management issues. In the end we realized that our subscribers didn’t need another blog or a media company.

Instead, you told us you wanted a place where you could access content about the restaurant way of life. You told us this with your clicks and your direct feedback.

And we have listened and thus The Rail was born.

The Rail seeks to be a community where operators learn, share and comment. The content we create and curate is intended to entertain, inform, challenge and even infuriate you on a daily basis. So you can expect some irreverent thinking, some questions about the direction of our industry and hopefully some healthy debate. We will do this by delivering you essential information, forward thinking opinions and newly envisioned content.

The most obvious content we deliver is the SportsTV Guide. If you have even one TV in your restaurant, it is likely showing sports the majority of the time. Our guides provide easy to read and comprehensive listings for sports in your market based on both what is available and your programming preferences. For the last 13 years, the SportsTV Guide has been an integral element in many restaurants daily operations. It is the reason we know most of you and, as The Rail, we will honor that relationship. Everyday.

Beyond the SportsTV Guide, The Rail aspires to create a place where those of us in the ‘biz’ can learn from and interact with other folks who live our way of life. The restaurant industry is the ultimate “Us vs. Them” enterprise. Our managers, owners and operators do a difficult job and while we don’t have a thin blue line, we definitely have a line and WE empathize with those on our side of it. The Rail aims to offer you a place in our community. Look for us to feature Citizens of The Rail, those folks that keep the train running in thousands of restaurants nationwide.

So, whether you are taking in one of our Rail Hack shortcuts or reading a post focusing on an issue raised by one of our Citizens, expect to be better prepared to meet the challenges that await you daily. And maybe most importantly, you won’t feel like you are alone in the struggle!