Got tough grease stains? [Hack #031]

Remove grease from fabric using baking soda

Are your bar stools or dining chairs covered in oil stains? We serve food and most of that food requires some type of oil or shortening to be prepared. This invariably leads to stains when guests that are having fun and don’t caring about spills and drops. If you serve any families, it’s likely you have lots of these stains all over your establishment.

Cue baking soda to the rescue. It’s so ubiquitous in kitchens, and has a ton of alternative uses. For oil stains, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and scrub with a wet brush. Then let it dry and vacuum it up a little later. Voila! Stain removed.

If you think that’s cool, some other uses of baking soda include removing crayons marks from walls (I would imagine that one will come in handy for many of you as well); cleaning a microwave without chemicals; it can even extinguish small fires. The best part is baking soda remains an environmentally friendly substance no matter where you use it. So grab that box from the kitchen and have at those pesky cleaning problems.

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