SBMX and #restaurants will soon be The Daily Rail

86 SBMX. Add The Daily Rail

For almost 14 years SBMX has been delivering the Daily SportsTV Guide directly to thousands of restaurants and bars. What began as a few thousand emails per year is now over 500,000 emails each month.

We’ve spent many years in the restaurant world ourselves and we know the restaurant life. As our relationship with the restaurant community has grown, so has the content we send to you. We’re talking more about the restaurant life; about professionalism, career, lifestyle (it really is a lifestyle), culture and more. 

And so, to serve you better, starting next month, we’re 86-ing SBMX and adding The Daily Rail. 

You’ll still get the Daily SportsTV Guide of course, plus we’re adding great new features and content. 

To keep receiving the Daily SportsTV Guide as part of The Daily Rail, please add our new email address to your contacts: You can also download The Rail vCard here.

Thanks for being part of our community. We look forward to serving you, and we’d love your feedback on The Daily Rail.