The Daily Rail: Restaurant Sales Trends Driving You Nuts? You're Not Alone.

MARKETING: How to Market A 5-Star Restaurant Experience

Marketing a 5-star experience has to align and promote everything a person expects out of the restaurant. They expect only the highest quality from marketing materials, a luxury-reflective online experience, and a perfect idea of what to expect from your restaurant. Here’s how to market your restaurant to both bring in more guests and help improve on their experience.


Popeye Celebrates with Gold

Popes celebrated it’s 3,000th store opening with 24 Karat gold chicken wings. Yep, they actually battered some boneless wings before tossing them in edible gold flakes. Personally, we’re more a fan of the Frank’s RedHot version.

The ISS Has Had Visitors From 18 Countries

This infographic takes a look at the nationality of all visitors to the International Space Station (ISS). As of October 2018, 222 individuals from 18 countries have visited the ISS. The US accounts for the overwhelming majority of those individuals with 146 visitors in total. For some of those astronauts, the ISS has become a second home with Jeffrey N. Williams, Frederick W. Sturckow, Richard A. Mastracchio and Mark E. Kelly all visiting four times. 47 Russians have also visited the ISS and Fyodor Yurchikhin has made the trip an impressive five times. Here’s the rest of the breakdown. 

Infographic: Where Visitors To The ISS Come From  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Does Freezing Kill Bacteria?

We know that cooking food to 165*F (73.88*C) kills bacteria, but does freezing food so the same? Eh, not so much. In fact, freezing food will actually preserve bacteria that’s already contaminated food. Fun, huh? 


Why it matters to you: The uncertainty surrounding restaurant sales is maddening.

Our industry can be a roller coaster ride of terrible and great news. There is no greater confirmation of this fact than these competing headlines on the RestaurantBusinessOnline. Please know, we are NOT being critical of RestaurantBusinessOnline. Both of these pieces are relevant and important. One claims that August Sales were the best in 3 years, while the other claims July same-store sales were anemic. The issue is which one reflects what’s actually happening with your business? When we read articles like this we are all trying to divine what headwind might be next or where we see some relief in our sales development.

We humbly and heartily suggest you ignore them both. Yes, read the content and understand what’s happening, but ignore it for what your own business is telling you. Check your own same store sales, review your own traffic counts. Now compare them to the trend. You may find your traffic is up, while the trend is downward or you might find your own sales ahead or behind. These are benchmarks, not conclusions about what you will experience. Read about them but be thoughtful and don’t get anxious unless your business is experiencing issues and don’t worry too much about the industry as a whole. People are dining out, the season is with us, and the holidays are right around the corner…good times ahead.

[Source: RestaurantBusinessOnline]


Why it matters to you: This is great insight from a successful small chain operator.

In a recent article published by Nation’s Restaurant News, the publication featured three small casual-dining chain operators, calling out how nimble the businesses are as compared to their larger cousins in the national chain group. Two of these smaller groups are subscribers to the SportsTV Guide (yes, shameless promotion here) and we couldn’t agree more with the assessment of the blog. Boomerjack’s, specifically, has been a long-time subscriber and we have watched both their growth and professionalism over these past seven years.

What insight did Boomerjack’s share with the blogger? Treat your team like family. Yup, here’s a small chain operator that is prioritizing their staff needs to ensure the rest of their business succeeds. In this world of liberating technology and ever changing business climate, this is such a simple yet sage focus. It’s still a business about people. Including them in your business will make them better perform. Heck, even the big companies are starting to catch on with improve benefits, embedded training programs and a better focus on retention. It’s a topic we have broached many times; it’s great to know that a company like Boomerjack’s proves it actually works. Well Done!

[Source: NRN]