The Daily Rail: Is it Time to Revamp Your Nachos?

WINGS: How to Make 24 Karat Gold Wings [Sponsored Recipe]

While we don’t suggest you actually pepper your chicken wings with gold dust (yep, it’s been done!), that doesn’t mean you can’t make your wings taste like a million bucks. Frank’s RedHot’s 24 Karat Gold Wings is the next best thing with a bold flavor and medium hotness. It’s also super simple to make.


Free Fall

NASCAR at Richmond earned a 1.0 TV rating, the lowest since 2000. In fact, more races this year have pulled in a 1.5 or less than the previous 17 seasons combined. Not a good sign for the game. NASCAR fans have continually aging and dwindling in numbers. The average fan age is 58, the third highest average age only behind golf and men’s tennis. The race averaged a 0.15 in the 18-34 age bracket, behind 3AM editions of NFL Matchup on ESPN. Yikes. 

Downward Trend

The number of deaths from terrorist attacks dropped to 18,753, a decline on par with the overall downward trend of 2017. A majority of those deaths — seven out of ten — were concentrated in five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia and Syria.  Iran was spotlighted as a top threat in the report, in line with the Trump administration’s hardening position against the country. President Trump is doubling down on this tough stance, which is part of a wider pivot happening across the State Department: the Bureau moving away from a decades long focus on fighting foreign extremist groups to concentrating on state adversaries. 

Infographic: Terror Attacks Drop Worldwide | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

No Equality in Equity

New research by Carta has found a new side to the gender pay gap: the equity gap. Carta conducted an extensive study of over 180,000 employees at 6,000 companies, which had a combined total wealth of $45 billion in equity value. In their study, they found that female founders own $0.39 to every dollar male founders own. For female employees who hold equity at their place of business, the value of that equity was worth $0.47 to every dollar male holders own. These are striking numbers when compared to the average wage gap for female workers of $0.80 to every dollar a male worker makes.

Infographic: No Equality in Equity | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: If the NFL thinks it is competition, you should too!

It’s no secret that sports are the last bastion of appointment TV. With the rise of on-demand and various streaming services (think Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.), great content is no longer gated by time or date. This further erosion of network control over consumer behavior is another reason to start streaming sports in your location. Is that a leap? Well consider that five major sports leagues, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball are the last place that rights holders can stake out to protect their in-line broadcast hold. This review on TechCrunch that really outlines the changing landscape. 

Ironically, these sports are seeing further slide because of new live events that aren’t in the mainstream. Gaming has long had its own streaming presence on sites like Twitch.TV, but now obscure events are gaining steam like Judo and Surfing. This illustrates a changing taste of viewers along with a far lower barrier to entry for content distribution. That is why you see the major sports properties experimenting with streaming. Whether it’s the NFL -- now available to be exclusively shown on stream via providers like Verizon and DIRECTV -- or the NBA and NHL’s presence on the lineup offered by Roku, GoogleTV and AppleTV, it’s only a matter of time. Here’s a couple of good ideas to help you explore how you can leverage streaming yourself.

[Source: TechCrunch]


Why it matters to you: Is it time to ramp up your nachos?

Ahhh, nachos. That stalwart performer on so many of our menus, both profitable and beloved by your guests. Are they stale at your place? Reimagining an old classic has become a recent trend in our industry. We have long advocated about disrupting how you approach chicken wings and nachos are no different. This slick slideshow gives you some great options for remaking nachos on your menu. But you don’t need to stop at your nachos. 

There is literally no-limit to the fun you can have with your menu and reinvention. From a process perspective, this is a perfect opportunity to use specials to test your new creations. You should totally include your regulars in this process. They are stakeholders in your restaurant and will be excited to engage in a process that might influence the direction of your menu. Try out your riffs on any classic and ask them to judge and comment. You can both market your business and improve your menu, in one shot.

[Source: FSRMagazine]