How to Make 24 Karat Gold Wings [Sponsored Recipe]

We love goooooooold…

While we don’t suggest you actually pepper your chicken wings with gold dust (yep, it’s been done!), that doesn’t mean you can’t make your wings taste like a million bucks. 24 Karat Gold Wings made with Frank’s RedHot sauce are the next best thing with a bold flavor and medium hotness. It’s also super simple to make. 



  1. Combine Frank’s RedHot buffalo sauce with the Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce.

  2. Toss 1 pound of chicken wings (or wing alternate) in with 1/3 cup of the combined sauce.

  3. Cook as desired.

Hints & Tips

  • You can jazz up these 24 Karat Gold Wings by adding in 20% mango, pineapple or apple juice for a fresh and fruity flavor.

  • Expand your menu by looking beyond just wings. Use this sauce with pulled pork, shredded chicken, chopped sausage or small meatballs for bold and decadent subs and sandwiches!

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