The Daily Rail: Restaurant Guest Dress Code Policies Need Careful Thought Before Implementation

MARKETING: 4 Mobile Marketing Strategies for the Modern Restaurant Owner

According to the 2018 report, Gen Z and Millennials are 99% more likely to rely on social media and online reviews than Gen X and Baby Boomers do for choosing a restaurant. In short, mobile marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity for restaurant owners. However, mobile marketing is easier said than done, especially for an owner who doesn’t have the in-house expertise needed. Here are four tips that will help you leverage mobile marketing to promote and grow your restaurant.


Dunkin’ Nail Polish

Dunkin’ Donuts is continuing its wading in the fashion waters. First it was a marathon-inspired sneaker; now they’re releasing a limited-edition nail polish line in shades most commonly associated with Dunks. Yep, your nails can now have that iconic pink and orange glow (among others). The polishes are available in salons at 10 cities through June.

Why People Quit Their Jobs

A bigger paycheck is the top reason people quit with 25% of those polled saying they are seeking to ditch their employer in order to work somewhere with a better salary. 16% of respondents said that they are generally unhappy where they currently work while 14% are aiming to get a new job at an organization more aligned with their values.

Infographic: Why Americans Quit Their Jobs | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Salty Egg Donuts?

Krispy Kreme has released a new donut flavor and it tastes like salty egg yolks. It’s a limited-edition flavor where the donut is stuffed with a “lava egg” aka a runny custard made with egg yolks. While the flavor might seem odd in the US, it’s a popular profile in Portugal, China, Taiwan, and Latin American countries. Unlike other filled-donuts, these donuts still have the hole in the middle. The Salted Egg Filled Ring donuts, as it’s called, are available through June.


Why it matters to you: What can you learn from the resurgence of Buffalo Wild Wings?

We are proud to count Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) as a subscriber of our service. All of their company stores and most of their franchisees use the SportsTV Guide daily to ensure they are ready to deliver the best guest experience possible. While that may sound like a shameless plug (ok, it kinda was ;-D), we say it to say this: It’s because they have such a focus on the guest experience that they have seen a recent resurgence in their business.

Diversified Restaurant Holdings (DRH), a BWW franchisee, reported their sales were up 4.2% for the first quarter of 2019 and traffic was up almost 5% to boot. DRH CEO, David Burke, attributes their success to “elevat(ing) their game.” Since the recent acquisition of BWW corporate by Inspire Brands (which owns Arby’s, Sonic, and Rusty Taco), the company has been driving their message that BWW is more about food and the awesome viewing experience than being just a traditional sports bar. Apparently, the message has been received as DRH’s growth would imply. The lesson for the rest of us is equally apparent -- the experience matters.

Hence our humble brag about using the SportsTV Guide. Less for our own vanity and more for the fact that BWW believes if a guest wants to watch an event they need to ensure they can deliver it quickly and efficiently. If it’s proof of anything, it demonstrates the guest experience is made up of more than chicken wings and cold beer. Imagine how you could improve your own business just by focusing on the guest’s experience. If BWW’s example is any indication, you can imagine it increasing sales and creating lots of happy customers.

[Source: FSR Magazine]


Why it matters to you: Dress codes are tricky and need to be thought out before implementation.

Any of you that feature a late-night segment to your revenue periods know that dress codes can be a challenge to enforce. For example, let’s look at the situation that happened recently at a Long Island restaurant. A Sikh man, wearing a turban that is mandated by his religious beliefs, was denied access because he had a head covering. After the guest was turned away from Harbor Grill in Port Jefferson, he was so shocked that he got in the queue again just to make sure. This time a manager joined the security person to be clear they do not allow anyone with a head covering to enter the establishment. We must first understand that Port Jefferson is right next to Stony Brook University, home to an incredibly diverse community of students, staff, and academics.

A policy that doesn’t allow for that diversity is waiting to be challenged and to embarrass your restaurant. This is one of the oldest controversies in our industry and frankly, it’s dumb. This story is a perfect example of how dress code policies force you into a consistency that actually injures your business. Requiring appropriate attire is a minefield, especially if you live in a diverse community where more cultures, not less, are present. Why not address your concerns about attire, but reviewing what you are offering and adjusting it to the circumstances. In this case, you build in an exception for head-ware that is religiously required. You may get some push back from someone wearing a “dew rag” as their head covering, but they won’t have civil rights laws supporting their claim. Hence, why a thoughtful approach is required. So, some research, review your communities various cultural presences and then craft a dress code that respects your community, while protecting the civil rights of guests.

[Source: Yahoo Lifestyle]