HACK #089: How to Chill Drinks on the Fly

Turn to a damp towel and salt!

On busy nights when drinks are flying over the bar, it’s easy to lose track of your beer stock in the cooler. Or if you’ve experienced that one table who orders that super obscure $100 bottle of chardonnay in the back room. You can’t wait 30 minutes to serve it to them, what do you do? 

One common way people chill drinks on the fly is wrapping it in a damp paper towel and chilling it in the freezer. In 10 minutes, the beer should be cold enough to serve. Avoid this method with wines as it could ruin the wine’s structure.

Salt works best for both beer and wine. Toss the bottle in a large bucket of ice with a healthy heap of salt. The salt helps to cool the ice faster, allowing you to get the bottle to the customer faster and at the proper temperature.   

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