Use white wine to get rid of your red wine stains [Hack #050]

Citizens of the Rail Submitted!

You know how difficult red wine stains are to get out. Perhaps you spilled red wine on a guest (the worst!), a white tablecloth or your carpeting.

Fight fire with fire or, in this case, wine with wine (and we don’t mean drink it because you just ruined your expensive carpeting). Take a bottle of white wine and pour directly on the red wine stain. 

Voila! It's like disappearing ink right before your eyes!

Editor's Note: The key to getting rid of red wine stains is to "lift" the red wine before it gets a chance to set in your fabric. The sooner you act the better. White wine's cousins, white vinegar, has been known to be a great natural substance for red wine stain lifting, though there is a whole slew of other possibilities such as club soda, dishwashing liquid & hydrogen peroxide, and product solutions like Oxyclean.

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