Lock up your inventory [Hack #053]


It has often been said, locks are made to keep honest people… honest! If you have any experience in our industry you know what theft looks like. By securing as much of your inventory as is realistic you accomplish many things in a single stroke.  Best of all, they all translate into bottom line profit.

Even if you are avid inventory enthusiast, you still experience shrinkage and locking your most valuable inventory, at all times, is just smart business. The locks convey the message that you are serious about your controls.  Equally important is it stops theft before it happens.  

The hardest part of inventory isn’t all the counting… it’s the responding. Many operators do inventory, but they aren’t comfortable with visiting consequences for lousy performance. It’s a deterrent to theft and gives you piece of mind.

You may need to address your systems a bit. It can be impractical to go fishing for keys or chase down a manager when something is needed from inside the cage. Preparation and pre-shift checklists insure this won’t cause you any frustration and it forces your team to be organized.

It won’t eliminate your shrink, but it will at least set an atmosphere where security matters. You WILL see decreased losses and you’ll sleep better at night.

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