The Daily Rail: Restaurants Shouldn't Forget About Gen X Guests

GUESTS: Why Restaurants Cannot Afford to Ignore the Keto Diet Movement

Predicting and staying up to date on the latest food trends is sometimes tough, but puts restaurants one step ahead of the game. One particular trend that is dominating the health sphere is the ketogenic diet. Business entrepreneurs have already capitalized on the movement, creating products catered to this demographic and it’s predicted that the restaurant industry is next. Read on to see why your restaurant should have a keto-friendly menu and how to do it.


Key to a Long Life?

According to Britain’s oldest twins, the key to a long life is “no sex and plenty of Guinness.” Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday are 95 years old, and were asked “why no sex?” Cox’s answer? “Well, I don’t have a husband.” Touché. They also attributed their longevity to raw meat, especially sausages, which they spread on bread.

America’s Trillion Dollar War

America's longest war, the conflict in Afghanistan, has cost $975 billion when 2019 estimates are factored in according to website The Balance. Their data is based on research from Brown University and it makes the war in Afghanistan second only to the inflation-adjusted $4.1 trillion the United States spent WWII in terms of overall cost. That's despite the fact that American families have not suffered a noticeable economic impact from the conflict, even though there is no draft in place as well as no tax to fund it.

Infographic: Afghanistan: America's Trillion Dollar War  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

AT&T is Hurting Bad

AT&T is in a myriad of carriage negotiation disputes, which include the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, CBS, Nexstar, ESPN (and other Disney-owned channels). The end result is the company losing 12,000 subscribers a day and over a million customers this quarter. Ouch! Not a good time for AT&T.


Why it matters to me: Don’t forget about Gen Xers if you want to attract guests with disposable income.

Are you sick of hearing about the importance of consumers in the Millennial, Baby Boomer and Gen Z generations? Me too, and that’s why this blog on Nightclub & Bar magazine’s site so excited me, because it’s about Generation X. Full disclosure, I was born during the first year of the emergence of Generation X and I’m proud to be so. There are over 65 million of us and we are a force to be reckoned with; not that anyone normally even mentions us. You youngsters believe old folks like me don’t understand the new digital world, but given how many of today’s most recognizable tech titans were founded by Gen Xers, we might want to revisit that perception. Sergei Brin (Google), Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) have arguably remade the world as we know it. Here’s the rub, though -- we aren’t digital natives, so much as digital immigrants and that is reflected in how we approach the social media in our lives.

Anyone under the age of 39 (that’s the oldest age of the Millennials) knows Facebook is for old people and they’re kinda right. Facebook is clearly the social media platform most preferred by our generation. We grew up with AOL chat rooms and other precursors to modern day social and that’s why a one size fits all solution like Facebook works for us. However, there is another form of social we also prefer -- email. We’ve been using it since before many were born and for us, it’s social media at its apex. Given that we are still raising our families and will be in the work force for a minimum of the next 25 years, it would pay to market where we stand. If your goal is to attract people with disposable income (our household incomes are well above the national average) that want to enjoy life’s pleasures, then that’s how you reach us. It’s the balance between youth and experience and we are happy to join you, if you’d just invite us along.

[Source: Nightclub & Bar]


Why it matters to me: Remember, not everyone on your team has your skills, and solid systems ensures that’s not going to be a problem.

If you work too damned hard and you’re good at what you do, then something is going wrong with your process. In our industry, no one can do it alone, but many operators try because they just get too frustrated to watch others struggle to do what they find comes easy. This sentiment comes from something called unconscious competence, a situation that you believe that which comes naturally to you must come naturally to others. Being trapped by this sentiment will have you running in place and at high speed until you implode. That’s why it’s crucial to create systems to avoid that outcome. You are in the position you have because you are competent and solidly developed systems assist you in bringing others along to competence. Holding information to yourself and not giving both insight and responsibility to your team will stop you from building the relationships necessary for you to achieve a livable lifestyle in our industry.

The problem for most of you is, simply put, “it’s easier to just do it my damn self than try to drag my team along with me.” Again, precisely why systems free you from those bonds. By systems we mean a process that codifies your expectations of outcomes with structure and certainty. For example, inventory is a place where your knowledge of your building is so integral to ensuring you are both counting correctly and executing on the results. But if you don’t create systems that help your subordinates do inventory at least as well as you, you are destined to struggle with your results. Think of it as institutionalizing your knowledge so that your entire team can access it. Systems reduce the time it takes to achieve competency in a skill and structures your business so you can actually see your friends and family or even take the occasional weekend off… I know, never gonna happen, but I guy can dream.

[Source: Modern Restaurant Management]