HACK #088: Protect Yourself (and Guests) from Hot Peppers

Coat your hand in olive oil

There’s always a little added anxiety when cutting extremely hot peppers. You need to be careful with washing your hands to ensure you don’t get the pepper residue on other prep food or, God forbid, accidentally touch your face…

…Or even worse use the bathroom. FIRE DOWN SOUTH!

We’ve found a restaurant hack that could ease the stress of dealing with that nuclear habanero pepper or any other hot foods that could leave residue on your hands.

One tip from the pros, use olive oil before finely dicing the hot peppers. Use just a teaspoon of olive oil evenly around your finger tips on the hand touching the pepper; be sure to coat on and under your fingernails, too. Only oil one hand if you can, so you’re not slipping and sliding around trying to hold a sharp knife.

After dicing the hot peppers with an oily hand, the pepper residue washes off far better when the soap comes in contact with the olive oil. 

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