How charging guests' mobile devices can boost your restaurant's bottom line

Do your customers incessantly check their smartphones while in your restaurant or bar?

The huge rise in smartphone usage by customers while in-venue creates a distressing problem – dying or dead phone batteries. If a customer’s phone is dead, they will leave your establishment early. Your business ultimately shares in this dead-battery dilemma – customers ask bartenders or staff to charge their smartphone for them – and your customer service becomes unfocused as staff deals with the issue.

This problem creates an unbelievable opportunity for your business. By providing portable charging devices to your guests, you can realize a myriad of benefits that includes enhancing your guest experience and boosting your bottom line.

Smartphone charging and mobile marketing are two sides of the same coin – a needed customer service and a tool for increasing revenue.Vessl’s portability and ease of use (no wiring, kiosks or contracts) make this an easy and affordable investment in the future of mobile for your business.

Vessl charging station

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when you make mobile an integral part of your marketing and customer service plans:

Smartphone Charging for Your Guests:

  • When you provide chargers to your guests, you are fulfilling a persistent and sometimes urgent customer need: to stay connected in the face of a dying smartphone battery.
  • Guests will stay longer and visit more often as your establishment becomes an indispensable part of their entrenched mobile/lifestyle habit.
  • Charged smartphone = connected customers who will share their experience on social media while on your premises, purchase your merchandise, and have the ability to pay their bar tab or table check with their digital wallet.

* Vessl, a portable, powerful smartphone charger set for businesses, provides an affordable solution to your customers’ battery problem. Each charging stand comes with ten (10) Vessl chargers, and each charger powers up to two phones simultaneously. Charging time is 30% faster than normal chargers and Vessl is compatible with all smartphones.

Image by Martin Abegglen.