What Internet streaming means for your restaurant or bar

The technology associated to the viewing of sports is changing…and fast. DIRECTV just announced that they are allowing non-subscribers access to the NFL Sunday Ticket. This is big news for those of you that comprehend the latest trends in sports content consumption. If you don’t fully comprehend, I will attempt an explanation.

Internet Streaming isn’t the future…it is the NOW!!! The amount of content that is available via live stream is staggering. If you have cable/satellite at your home then you already know how many different streaming options that are yours for the taking. Whether it’s WatchESPN.com or CBSSports.com or even your locally produced college and university feeds, it’s out there and your guests want it.

There are two strategies that you must employ to leverage this expanding content in your location. They are simple, and inexpensive. If you want any hope of differentiating your location then you must at least consider them both.

1. Your infrastructure Can’t Stink

Public Wi-Fi is no longer a special thing. Every restaurant and bar seems to have it now. Heck, the internet at McDonald’s is the best and their guest dwell times are less than 20 minutes. If you aren’t providing a high capacity router with 30-50 Mbs then it won’t cut it. If you want folks to use their own devices and feel comfortable with your location then give them the infrastructure. It might cost you a bit more, but in the end the traffic increase will justify it. With the right connection you can advertise that your guests can watch their own programming in your location, while drinking your beverages and eating your food.

2. Be “Internet Stream Ready” for Your TVs

Having a Google TV or Apple TV player means you can show any live streaming programming that is available on the internet. These devices are less than $100 and are powerful tools. Imagine being able to deliver to a guest obscure programming at no cost that convinces them that yours is the place to visit for all their viewing needs.

Our last blog post focused on improving the Sports on TV viewing experience of your guests. With the declining price of enormous flat panel TVs and sophisticated home viewing technology, guests have incredible options. The reason they come to you is to enjoy the atmosphere, camaraderie of other fans and to eat your food. Add to those advantages, streaming content and you have once again proven why you are better than your competitors.