Man eats at 46 McDonald's in a single day and survives. McGross!

Taking charge of the online conversation

In this two-part series, learn about some recent restaurant stories that went viral. Part one talks about a (gross) video of one Londoner going too far with his McDonalds's cravings. The second half of the series explains the pros and cons of viral online stories and why restaurants need to get on top of the conversation when they're the focal point.

Part 1: McGross: Man survives eating at 46 McDonald's... in a single day
Part 2: The price of 'free' exposure

File this under WTF, but Youtuber James Ware decided to "put the 'fast' in fast food" by eating at 46 different McDonald restaurants in a single day.

The video follows Ware's 17-hour long journey through London as he throws back cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, Filet-o-Fish, McFlurries and godknowswhatelse.

I tried to attack them in a rough loop—although this was complicated by getting stuck out in the deserts of East London and having a race against time. In a not very military piece of precision planning I lost my master map after restaurant seven, so I had to use the McDonald’s app as navigation to get me around the rest of the course.
— James Ware

We're assuming that the sequel to this video is just Ware on the toilette for 48 straight hours, questioning why he chose Mr. Creosote as a role model while his digestive system understandably rebels.

Look at your life, look at your choices

According to Forbes, he dropped just under $130 on this McAdventure. That may be just as gross as the slop he was stuffing down his gullet.