Ginger Paradise? Welsh restaurant to give 20% discount to redheads

Gingers are often the butt of jokes, but at least at one restaurant they'll get the last laugh.

Ginger's Grill, in Prestatyn, North Wales, plans on giving their redheaded customers a sweet 20% off the total bill when the restaurant opens at the end of April, according to owner Mark Linakar.

Linakar said the idea came from wanting to do something fun and different for those who fit the theme of the restaurant.

[Gingers] live a life of mockery. It happens to everyone that’s ginger. So I just thought the discount was nice—something a bit fun and a way of having a laugh, really. When do gingers get anything for being ginger, other than mockery?
— Mark Linakar, owner, Ginger's Grill
Linakar's not wrong.

Alas, this discount is for natural gingers only. Wigs and dyed redheads (if the dye job is obvious enough) will have to pay full price.