Spend 5 hours per week learning online [Hack #038]

Knowledge is power

This advice was given by AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. His contention is that anyone that isn’t doing this will obsolete themselves with technology. So, how does advice from an iconic tech and communications company apply to the restaurant manager?

Simple, the technology that is pervading our industry is both impediment and opportunity. Whether you take an online course about reading data analytics or do your own specific research on the newest technologies on the horizon, you will be insuring you are informed and better prepared. 

There is a tired meme that young people are really computer savvy, but it’s also not really true. Millennials and younger are great technology users, but they haven’t really got a clue how it works or why it’s important. They have never lived in a world where it didn’t dominate their everyday life and therefore don’t realize it’s worthy of study.

It’s not enough to know how the POS in your building functions, but learn the data it produces, understand it’s mission in your business and insure you best leverage its capabilities. The folks that really embrace their inner geek in the next 20 years will have more opportunity, feel less vulnerable to change and lead your organizations. What are you waiting for, call the local community college, find some online resource about understanding data or do your own research using the endless resources on the internet. You might just create your next career and you will certainly insure it continues for long after those that don’t.

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