Use coffee filters to clean POS monitors [Hack #042]

More than just making your favorite morning beverage

Your POS is constantly in use and typically being touched by fingers that have contact with all manner of food and beverage residue. Keeping these devices clean is important to insure the accuracy of orders being rung and to avoid transmitting foodborne pathogens from server to server, or from kitchen folks using it to clock in daily.

Coffer filters have long been a great glass cleaning hack, but they are also terrific for these display devices. If you get them for free with your coffee service then it’s even better. So using them for places where your team has direct contact is totally appropriate.

A clean POS terminal is a small step in the interest of sanitation and more accurate service for your guests. Clean them as a side-work assignment and employ soapy water with the coffee filters. Use the filters to both apply the soap/water mix and then to dry it immediately. Your screens will be spotless and sanitary in one shot.

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