Identify one person to be your receiver [Hack #046]

Save time and delegate

If you do any volume, then you are bringing in a lot of product each week. Your grocery order is probably two times a week and has 50 – 100 pieces. Between food, liquor, beer, paper and cleaning chemicals, it must feel like you are doing nothing but checking in, putting in place and coding invoices from those deliveries.

This is a necessary aspect of you managing your business and it also represents a real cost. That cost can be measured in your time and any errors that are made with managing these orders. By identifying a team member to be your receiver, you can dramatically reduce that cost, increase efficiency and even lower your various costs of goods sold.

It’s also a developmental opportunity. Not only should you train them how to effectively receive the products you order, you can also show them the administrative jobs. How you code the invoices, mark missing items, redirect ordering when there are errors. These are baseline management tasks that can be delegated to a receiver and therefore improve that team members readiness for the next level.

Best of all, you get consistency in the handling of the product. It also gives you just one person to hold accountable to the method of stocking, the clean-up and ultimately saves you money!

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