How Hollywood Sees Us: Bar fights get ugly… fast!

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #15

This is a personal favorite bar fight from the movie Book of Eli. It takes place in a future dystopia America where it’s clear that drifters aren’t welcome and it’s every man for himself. In this scene, the fighters are strangers and — since it’s Hollywood — Denzel Washington takes on dozens of comers. Unless you’re a real life super hero, it’s unlikely you win, but Denzel is just that in this movie.

In the real world, if you have ever been witness to a real bar fight you know, they are really ugly matters. To start, bar fights are dangerous to everyone present, destructive to property and horrible for all those involved. Nothing destroys the character of a bar or restaurant faster than the chaos that ensues when two people confront each other. Typically, participants are familiar with one another and the beef started long before they reach your place. Your bar or restaurant just gets to be the last stop on whatever petty dance the two combatants have been on for a long time.

That’s why we are always paying attention to how our guests are interacting and looking for trouble before it happens. No one wants to clean up after a bar fight and even more importantly no one wants to be the place where it happened in the first place.