Use Instagram Stories to Connect & Delight Guests [Hack #067]

Share your Story

If you are like most people under 40, you aren’t really on Facebook anymore. Sure stuff gets posted there, but only because you have your Instagram account tied to Facebook. So when Instagram released its Stories solution (to compete with Snapchat) it was like opening a call-to-action gate for marketers. Since an Instagram Stories post only lasts 24 hours, it creates an automatic expiration on any content that is posted, thus making it the perfect method for enticing followers to a specific behavior.

Any of these ideas will make a compelling Stories entry and drive your guests to visit.

  1. Special offer for showing the Stories post when they arrive
  2. Show the Story of the evenings featured items
  3. Tease live entertainment or featured sporting event
  4. Introduce a special capability or service, such as a private room or catering

Of course, this all presupposes that you have followers on Instagram, but Stories is also a way to gain them. Ask your current followers to suggest you or share your Stories with their friends. Stories opens a door to temporal marketing that otherwise was shut when newspapers fell out of favor.

Just like the paper, Instagram Stories is only good for 24 hours and then it’s no longer relevant. Use that as your chance to invite guests in without being forced to redeem offers once the story has evaporated. It creates expiration without exasperation.

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