Let’s Demote the Remote!

By Joe Pegno

How many remotes and devices does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Well obviously it takes quite a few because so many restaurant operators are still using peer-to-peer systems for their TVs. That means you have a dedicated receiver attached to each TV that must be changed individually to tune channels.

We live in an on-demand world. If you have to search for the right remote, it can create a painful guest experience as they wait patiently for you to make a change. However, there are alternatives to the peer-to-peer approach. The fix is a Matrix System that allows you to use a central remote to control your audio-visual system and direct content to any TV you choose. A Matrix System will transform the way you manage your TVs and eliminate that difficult guest experience.

Your guests demand a great viewing experience. In fact, it’s the primary reason they visit a sports themed restaurant…TO WATCH SPORTS. While this may seem obvious, what isn’t obvious is that they also expect you to have the latest technology. 

That’s where a fully integrated system like a matrix switching device can dramatically improve your responsiveness to guests viewing requests. It will also ensure that you are in control without having to run all over the restaurant looking for remotes and getting in front of the right TV and then make the guest’s change. It’s painful to watch and totally unnecessary.

There are no shortage of choices for matrix switching systems. 

For example AMI, a major provider of juke box services also offers their Tap.TV system. This matrix-based solution installs quickly and for less than other major competitors like Crestron and AMX. Also because AMI is already familiar with the restaurant environment from their jukebox business, they are better suited to respond to conditions in your building.

The key to any matrix based system is simplicity of use. 

That’s where a solution like Tap.TV shines. Their single remote control is accessed on a tablet that is intuitive and allows you to control every aspect of your audio visual system in one spot. Imagine music volume, TV changes, and your public address system all in one place and a touch away from control. This coupled with the ability of all matrix systems to route a program to any TV without having to be directly in front of the set-top box makes it an enormous time saver.

Of course, the ultimate test of utility for any equipment is whether it improves the service experience and here is where a matrix system like Tap.TV gives real return on investment. By not having to stand directly in front of the TV to make a change you can either walk the floor with the remote, adjusting stations, or have servers come to a central spot to request a change. Either way you eliminate the extra step of getting the remote and returning to the guest, thus reducing the time a change takes to make.

Besides, who wants to have a basket of remote controls that need organization and maintenance? With a matrix system like Tap.TV, you can rely on the newest technology to make the TV viewing experience in your restaurant world class.

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About the Author
J P has studied civil and electrical engineering. J P has an extensive back round in the installation of high definition displays for bars and all sorts of commercial applications, J P has over 200 bars and restaurants in his installation book. J P has installed 100s of DirecTV installs for both home and commercial applications. Always looking for new and better ways to install all sorts of A/V systems.