POLL RESULTS: How Successful is Your Restaurant's Loyalty Program?

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about a study reporting that 59% of Millennials quit loyalty programs, and the various reasons that might be the case. So we were curious as to how successful our Daily Rail subscribers' loyalty programs are -- if they even use them.

We conducted a short, two-question poll to get an mile-high view of loyalty programs at restaurants.

How common are restaurant loyalty programs?

Pretty common. More than two-thirds of The Daily Rail subscribers use a loyalty program (68%).

How successful have those restaurant loyalty programs been?

In general, restaurant operators who subscribe to The Daily Rail find their loyalty program to be relatively successful. They scored their loyalty program a 6.73 out of 10. So while their programs aren't driving a ton of business, on the surface they seems to be doing the locations well enough.

Look, loyalty programs aren't easy...

It's hard to run a successful loyalty program, so if you'd rate your program above a six, you're doing pretty solid. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding restaurant loyalty, such as it just happens organically, it doesn't need nurturing, and people aren't loyal to brands anymore.

It's just not true. Successful loyalty programs takes work. Building guest loyalty takes work and from everyone on your team. 

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