The Daily Rail: Scooby Snacks Are For Dogs!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


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MARKETING: The 5 Types of Blog Posts Your Restaurant Should Be Writing

You may have heard that it’s a good idea for restaurants to blog on a regular basis. It helps you get found online by the people you want dining in your restaurant. And the more you do it, the greater your chances of discovery are.




Economic Downsides of Slow Internet  

Slow internet is a plague more so than you originally thought. BBC Future featured a video depicting how slow internet can result in economic downsides to households and businesses. Increasing domestic broadband speed has seen to boost profit by a minimum of $322 per month.


Scooby Snacks are for Dogs!

A grocery store in New Zealand made the minor mistake of placing “Scooby Snacks” in the children’s snacking aisle while they’re actually intended for dogs. Que a bunch of angry parents who mistakenly fed their children dog treats. At least Shaggy seemed to turn out fine.


Coffee Is Crack

Coffee is arguably the most important drink we consume. Luckily, our friends at VinePair understand our struggle by mapping out how coffee affects our body throughout the day with their infographic. *Eye twitch*



Why it matters to you: What does the Amazon-Whole Foods deal mean for you?

Amazon is one step closer to defeating Walmart as the US’s largest retail grocer. Last Friday, Amazon announced that the company will be buying Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion. For now, all current Whole Food grocery stores will operate as usual under the Whole Foods name as a separate unit of Amazon’s company. Many have scrutinized whether the decision will benefit loyal customers in the long run.

Whole Foods has forever been known as “whole paycheck,” which has caused a collective downturn in revenue because many people simply cannot afford to shop there. Rising companies including Trader Joe’s have taken away much of Whole Food’s business because they offer similar products for a much more affordable cost.

This deal shows a growing trend in Amazon’s business decisions as they continue to expand into operating more traditional brick-and-mortar stores with affordable prices. Many are pointing the finger at Amazon to save Whole Food’s image by adjusting their pricing strategy while also bringing new concepts of online options and delivery to their existing business plan. This deal has sent Amazon’s stock high enough to make CEO Jeff Bezos the world’s second richest man behind Bill Gates. Now the pressure is on for Amazon.



Why it matters to you: Knowing how to disagree like a pro will make your voice more welcome

If you are a junior manager or work directly for the CEO, you might not always agree with your boss. If you haven’t already experienced this, you know it can be a difficult space for a young manager to occupy. Telling your boss they are full of hot air can go horribly wrong. Like any other skill, this is something you can learn to be good at with some guidance and practice.

Ask yourself: Should you say anything and, when you do, how do you say it? While there are no perfect answers to this query, there are easy guidelines one can follow when it’s time to push back on your leadership. The key is doing so without alienating them from you or worse, pissing them off. The manager that learns to navigate these difficult situations will also be the one who the leadership trusts to know what the team really thinks. Better to be that person than the one scared to speak up when it’s their turn.