Detect Restaurant Gas Leaks with Soap [Hack #099]

Restaurants commonly use gas lines to supply fuel to their kitchens as well as other décor items such as patio heaters and fireplaces. Sometimes gas lines can leak, causing a variety of problems that will only contribute to your headache. As you may know, gas is highly flammable which puts your restaurant at risk for a possible fire or worse.

Luckily, locating a gas leak doesn’t always require specialized tools. We’ve found an easy hack that will help you determine whether your restaurant has a gas leak. All you need is a bucket of water and some dish soap.

First things first, make sure the area is ventilated so that nothing will make a spark while you do your test. Then, mix a few tablespoons of dish soap into a bucket of water.

Now turn on the gas line.

Wet down the suspected parts with the soapy water. If you see bubbles beginning to form, then you’ve found the leak! After you’ve found the spot, keep the gas line turned off until the gas company arrives and you can direct them to the right spot.

This approach will work on tires, inner tubes and pretty much anything with a gas pressure inside.

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