The Daily Rail: Dealing with Homophobia in Your Restaurant’s Kitchens

VIDEO: CHIVETV Presents: ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ & ‘Best. Drone. Ever.’

This week’s preview of CHIVETV will have you in absolute awe (both good and bad). The first video clip has you and your guests soaring high above the sky with what might be the most beautiful “drone” footage we’ve ever seen. The second video is a perfect example of why you should always keep your eyes on the road… doubly so if you have a Jesus Christ statue strapped to your back.

Check out both clips here and you’ll quickly realize how CHIVETV can be great alternative content for your bar. Best part, it’s free. Can’t say that about your cable & satellite providers.


Click or Mortar Supermarket?

Over the past 20 years, e-commerce has steadily risen in size and reach. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce sales accounted for roughly 10% of total retail sales in the U.S. last year, with some categories seeing a significantly higher share of online sales. Groceries have traditionally trailed other retail categories in the transition to e-commerce and, according to estimates from Kantar Retail, they will continue to do so. Even so, some predict that online grocery sales will double over the next few years. And since the supermarket is a direct competitor of restaurants, it’ll be interesting to see how online grocery sales cut into restaurant delivery sales.

Infographic: Groceries Trail Other Categories in Transition to Online | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista
Infographic: Are Online Grocery Sales About to Take Off? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The #1 Fake Restaurant in London

The Shed at Dulwich was the number one rated restaurant in London, with foodies, celebrities and bloggers trying to get a table. The main obstacle for them, however, was that it didn't exist. Don't believe everything you can read on the web. Here’s how they did it.

DirecTV Drops, DirecTV Now Grows

AT&T reported DirecTV lost more satellite subscribers in Q2, though DirecTV Now continues to grow. DirecTV Now is a subscription streaming service with cable channel programs without long-term commitments. While DirecTV lost 286,000 subscribers, DirecTV Now added a net of 342,000 subs. AT&T also raked in $11.86 billion, so things aren’t super awful for AT&T.


Why it matters to you: Why it may be time to give proprietary beverages a go in your establishment.

These days it is damn near impossible to truly set apart your business from others. We’ve talked about all types of ways to do so, but it still remains a tough mountain to clim. One effective way we always circle back to are signature dishes. These signature items are an important way of setting yourself apart from the pack. Only you are you and the only restaurant/bar with your staff, so leverage that uniqueness. If people want those dishes they have to come to you for them. 

Now, what if we started taking it one step further with a house wine or another type of proprietary alcohol? That really opens up the floodgates now doesn’t it? You can start by making your signature cocktails or tasty frozen treats and potentially sell it retail if it does well enough. This can add an entirely new dynamic to your business. Who knows, down the line it could even become your main business. Here are a couple of places to start your search should you be interested in giving the proprietary booze a shot: Click Here to learn more.

[Source: Skift]



Why it matters to you: Dealing with homophobia in our industry as an operator.

Imagine you hire a person, train them, and when they start working one of your other cooks starts harassing them for being gay? How someone’s sexual preference could even possibly come into the realm of what matters in a restaurant is mind-blowing. Who someone likes outside of work has nothing to do with cooking 100 steaks a perfect medium rare or showing up on time and staying until the work is done every day. Someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with our work.

Now imagine, your harassed employee decides to leave your restaurant because the homophobic staff? That harassment just cost you serious time and money and quality kitchen talent. On top of that word may spread to other LGBTQ people and allies to stay clear of your business. There goes a trained staff member along with countless potential staff members and guests in one fell swoop. Remember, it costs just under $6,000 to replace an employee that leaves. That’s money most operators don’t have to spare.

So how can we deal with this as operators? For one, we believe in zero tolerance for homophobia period. As we stated here before it has nothing to do with work life in the kitchen so if another employee is harassing someone for being gay we’d suggest the one-two punch of a potential solution: 1.) Mediate the problem, and 2.) Terminate the harasser.

Solution #1 is much more favorable than #2 for several reasons, including the cost of replacing an employee if they leave. But there’s also the social cost that quickly turns into business cost for being seen as a homophobic business.