The Daily Rail: CBD is Slowly Making Its Way Into Restaurants

OPERATIONSGet Ahead of Your Suppliers: Watch Your Prices This Fall [presented by Orderly]

Your brain may still be in Summer mode, but September is just around the corner. And Fall is more than sweaters and football - it also brings customers craving new flavors, and you'll need to mix up your menu. But if you just start ordering new ingredients without watching prices, your bank account will be more barren than the trees are about to be. We dove deep into our data, and have some tips and trends to share about some of Fall's most popular ingredients. 



Recently, Redding, CA had a deadly wildfire that forced many to evacuate their homes. Thankfully people like Guy Fieri and José Andrés exist to lend a helping hand doing what they do best; feeding people. Does it help with displacement? No, but it certainly would be a hell of a morale boost to have those guys cookin’ for ya!


A girl on twitter just posted a photo of her meal she had delivered and Twitter sh*t itself. She Seamlessed (like uberEATS) a $22 avocado toast to herself and when it arrived disassembled she tweeted a photo of it complaining… Anyone who knows Twitter should be able to guess where it goes from here.


Almost everyone can think back to food scenes from their favorite movies. Whether comedy, drama, thriller, sci-fi, horror, or a kids’ flick they all have had some utterly iconic scenes that incorporate food. Munchies saved us the trouble and made a list of the 15 most legendary food scenes ever (in their opinion). We guarantee you’ll end up re-watching one of these after checking out this list.


Why it matters to you: Chipotle deals with yet another foodborne illness outbreak.

Chipotle has made the news numerous times for food poisoning and foodborne illnesses but the latest comes from one of their restaurants in Powell, Ohio. Over the past few days several customers and employees had complained of nausea, diarrhea, and cramping after having eaten a meal from this location. After these complaints rolled in the store was temporarily closed to try to get to the bottom of this issue and is expected to reopen soon. Their shares are down as much as 8.5% after this news broke.

So, considering most of us aren’t publicly traded companies (though some are), what are we to do if something as unfortunate as this is to happen in our establishment(s)? We think Chipotle actually handled this one fairly well, shutting the restaurant down and getting to the bottom of the problem is unfortunately the only real way to do things and prevent more customers from getting sick. This can come down to improperly trained employees cross contaminating stations, a bad shipment of meat/produce, or really anything else under the sun so it is always best to nip it in the bud while it is still under control. Best of luck to Chipotle as well, they certainly don’t need any more of these issues moving forward if they hope to regain some steam…

[Source: Skift]



Why it matters to you: People with eyes have probably been noticing the emerging trend of CBD, now it is starting its restaurant takeover.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis (it doesn’t get you high) that has been taking the retail market by storm for a while is now getting its legs in hotels and more recently, the kitchenThe Standard Hotel in LA, New York, Miami beach now stocks their guests’ mini bar with CBD gummies which is great for joint pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia and so much more. CBD is truly a super good way to kick back, relax, and mellow without the use of harder drugs, alcohol, or anything else that affects one’s lucidity.

A more recent development is CBD being served in legally licensed consumption loungesaround Los Angeles. “Why would you need to be legally licensed to serve a non-psychoactive product?” you might ask yourself, for that we have no straight answer but it is a step in the right direction regardless so we won’t complain (much). We aren’t sure how long it will all take before we can start serving CBD (and hopefully THC) infused items within our establishments sans some annoying licensing process that labels our businesses but when it does all go down it won’t hurt to be familiar with these oh-so-special ingredients. We should be ready to join forces as an industry with marijuana as soon as this hits…

[Source: Forbes]