For Restaurants, Chicken Wing Trends Take Flight [INFOGRAPHIC]

We frequently discuss food & industry trends as a part of dialogue with our The Daily Rail readers. Often we point to data that specifically identifies opportunities to leverage trends for growth. Such is the case for the recent chicken wing trend that calls for variety in format (bone-in or boneless) and flavors. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting data in this infographic for you.

Boneless Grow Wings

For starters, we’re seeing boneless chicken wings become much more prevalent on menus. In fact, boneless chicken wings presence on menus has grown by 35% (1) over the last four years. And with wings being found on over 44% of menus, we know the category is pervasive.

When it comes to snack and appetizer popularity, both bone-in and boneless chicken wings are two of the top three preferred chicken appetizers (2) on any menu. This combined with growing boneless wing sales means this trend isn’t likely to slow itself anytime soon.

The growing popularity of boneless wings means restaurant operators need to find ways to have both bone-in and boneless wings on the menu. Some guests enjoy the bone-in experience of eating meat off the bone; others prefer the easier dippable option of the boneless wing.

Bold Flavors & Beyond

While buffalo and BBQ will continue to be popular wing flavors, don’t be afraid to put on your expedition hat and explore other flavors that will keep guests’ interest. For example, 51% of consumers want a sweet & smoky combination of flavors (3), especially when ordering from home. This means products like Tyson Red Label® Applewood Smoked Wings in both boneless and bone-in can be a base for any sweet sauce and deliver on that demand.

So, buckle up and make sure you have what your guests want to order. Bone-in and boneless wings in a variety of flavors. See, that was easy.

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