The Daily Rail: Is NYC's Fight Against GrubHub a Turning Point in Third-Party Delivery?

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Feast of Legends

Arby’s isn’t the only fast food company trying to tap into the nerd and gaming culture. Wendy’s just released a free 97-page tabletop RPG entitled Feast of Legends: Rise from the Deep Freeze. The unofficial-D&D expansion description reads, “The nation of Freshtovia has been the lone beacon of hope in the land of Beef’s Keep for decades. However, the Ice Jester and his rogues gallery of frozen friends threaten Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity.” It’s making quite the splash on social and even had the renowned D&D podcast Critical Role play the expansion in last week’s episode.

Video Game Movie Adaptions

Games turned into movies are not a weird concept anymore for audiences around the world. The Prince of Persia story was made into a movie in 2010 with Jake Gyllenhaal playing the prince. It grossed more than $90 million, making it the fifth most successful movie ever to be based on a video game. According to Box Office Mojo, this year’s Pokémon Detective Pikachu is already the most successful film in the video games category, grossing more than $144 million since May.

Infographic: The Video Game Adaptations with Most Box Office Success | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

DC United Cuts FloSports

DC United ended its partnership with FloSports just three days ahead of its final 2019 regular season game. Instead, the soccer team streamed yesterday’s game live on their website. This was the first year of what was supposed to be a four-year partnership with FloSports. Local fans were unhappy about having to pay a streaming service to watch United and the service was “marred” by technical issues in several matches. Be sure you’re signed up for the SportsTV Guide so you always know when and where to find the games on TV and online.


Why it matters to you: GrubHub’s pain in NYC might mean the tide of third-party delivery is turning.

Have you had enough of the third-party delivery talk? Us too, but we really can’t avert our eyes from the ongoing battle between GrubHub and the City of New York. In a recent interview given by City Council member Mark Gjonaj (D), he referred to GrubHub as a trojan horse because, he asserts, they are cannibalizing existing business instead of proving they are attracting new clients. Gjonaj was informed and certainly had his talking points in line as he called out the delivery giant for not sharing the data produced with restaurants and for prior transgressions for billing on phone orders. In fact, the Councilman called for them to refund all the fees they took without consent from the beginning of time; GrubHub is offering a much shorter restitution window.

For regular operators, now is the time to renegotiate your terms with your third-party delivery service. If you can, only work with one delivery provider but demand they provide with full transparency and access to your data. You could even approach some local competitors and band together to demand better terms. Heck, Outback and Applebee’s have both inked deals where they get access to user data. If you believe delivery belongs in your restaurant then you need to either fight for better terms from the vendor that provides it, or do it yourself. Either way, at some point even the added volume doesn’t account for the profit loss. Once you have that settled, then you work on marketing outside of the restaurant to create trial. And you’ll know who those customers are so you can build your own relationship with them.

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Why it matters to you: For operators, discipline is the difference. 

We aren’t ones for cults of personality here at The Daily Rail, but after reading about the COO of Starbuck’s, Roz Brewer, we couldn’t resist sharing her story with you. Brewer is a retail veteran, having rocketed up the chain of command at Walmart for 10 years before joining Starbuck’s as their COO right after the Philadelphia incident and as famed CEO Howard Schultz was exiting. It was a pivotal time and Brewer appears to have made a significant improvement in the chains performance. Prior to her arrival in 2017, Starbuck’s had been underperforming the S&P 500, but since her presence they have busted through that level and are outperforming the index by almost 40% in growth. Universally, Brewer has been identified as the catalyst to this turnaround.

In Fortune’s post about her, they stress her operational chops. She is maniacal about the details. No stranger to the line, Brewer learned the Starbuck’s model from the ground up, even if she wasn’t a coffee drinker herself. What she was, however, is world class operator and those skills work anywhere the operator is willing to advance the discipline necessary for success. And she was already proved to be able to that at scale as she ran Walmart’s Eastern Division (a business unit that did about 4X the sales of Starbuck’s). The model here is that discipline and successful operations are transferable skills. Whether you run a restaurant or a manufacturing facility, it’s that discipline to get all the tasks completed that is the difference between success and failure. So, be proud my restaurant operator family, because we’ve got what Roz Brewer has in spades!

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