The Daily Rail: It's Time We Embrace Mexican Cuisine as Part of Our Food Fabric

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MillerCoors Bets on Hulu Product Placements

Cue Wayne’s World ‘cause we’re about to get beaten over the head with more product placements. MillerCoors will appear in 10 episodes of four original Hulu programs including “Into the Dark,” “The Act,” “Ramy” and the “Four Weddings and a Funeral” reboot. And it won’t be subtle either. An episode of “Into the Dark” includes a 2-minute bar scene where a Miller Lite sign and multiple closeups of Miller Lite cans can be seen.

The State of World Press

Last week's index found that hostility expressed by political leaders towards the media in many countries is inciting frequent acts of violence and fueling unprecedented levels of fear for journalists. In 2019, Norway had the best score for press freedom, followed by Finland and Sweden. Eritrea, North Korea and Turkmenistan occupy the last three places in the ranking. The US has been hit with noticeable problems in this year’s report.

Infographic: The State Of World Press Freedom | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Does Bad Weather Equal Bad Reviews?

Most people don’t like bad weather, but are we letting it sway our opinions of businesses? According to new research from Ohio State University, people leave petty reviews of restaurants when the weather is bad. And it’s not just that guests are in a bad mood either; poor weather can affect staff’s attitude’s, too. Sadly, there’s not much you can do to control the weather, but you can at least be aware of how it might affect both staff and guests and manage it as needed.


Why it matters to you: Delivery partners explore POS integrations, which could shift the balance of power.

Third-party delivery services have slick interfaces they offer their restaurant partners to facilitate the delivery process. In the beginning, many of these didn’t connect directly to POS systems which caused a certain amount of chaos for operators. Not just in fulfillment, but in cost and labor controls as well. Over the past several years, many of these services have upgraded their systems to make those integrations work, allowing restaurants control over the sales and product from both delivery and traditional revenue. Presently that paradigm is the norm, but it appears there is another shift about to occur.

As these third-party delivery services evolve, they are increasingly flexing their muscles by creating more potent integrations and are even considering proprietary POS that operators can employ for the full throughput of their business. This means a showdown may be coming between traditional POS providers and delivery integrators. The winner, if this showdown occurs, will be operators. The notion that a third-party provides your POS as a consequence of a collaboration will save operators on costly POS installations and long term upgrades, while simultaneously providing a tighter connection to the provider. If your intent is to expand delivery, this might be a solution you didn’t know you needed.

[Source: FSR Magazine]


Why it matters to you: Mexican food is a part of our food fabric, let’s embrace it this year.

Mexican cuisine is incredibly ingrained in North American culture. Yes, both Canada and the US are crazy about food from south of the border. So, with Cinco de Mayo rapidly approaching, maybe a refresher on some of the more interesting and accessible parts of Mexican cooking is in order. That’s delivered in Eater’s post The United States of Mexican Food. This is an amazing compilations of posts on a myriad of topics surrounding Mexican cuisine. Anyone of these posts can be inspiration to create a cool Cinco de Mayo special menu.

Take Birria as an example. This beef stew from the Jalisco region is beginning to gain placements on regular restaurant menus. This hearty beef stew creates a great standalone meal or you can use it for tacos or other meat filled items. Or learn how to make scratch tortillas like this restaurant did in Nashville which led to amazing business growth. The post is organized with some features like the Birra piece and also by region to learn what your peers locally are up to with Mexican food. There’s plenty of inspiration to be had, so dig in and let us know what great ideas you steal.

[Source: Eater]