The Daily Rail: A Great Restaurant Guest Experience Starts with the Team

LEADERSHIP: How the #MeToo Movement Has Affected the Restaurant Industry

The #MeToo movement reaches a number of industries, and restaurants are no exception. However, despite the publicity of certain restaurateurs who have had plenty said against them, not all of their restaurants have shut down. There may be fewer guests walking through the doors, but many of these restaurants are still in operation. While the #MeToo movement is bringing much-needed attention to sexual harassment and misconduct in the restaurant industry, it’s not having the results people would expect.


Are You Prepped for Storm Season?

With Dorian kicking off hurricane season in the US, now’s about as late as you should prep for storm-season. The National Restaurant Association has put together a nifty checklist to make sure your restaurant is ready for big storms and other natural disasters.

DNC Primaries: Round III Debates

As of now, 10 out of a total of 21 candidates have qualified for the next round of DNC primary debates. The previous two debates hosted 20 candidates in a two-day event. The upcoming round is most likely going to be just one day with all 10 candidates sharing the same debate stage for the first time. Here’s who made the cut.

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The Tourist Splash

China has kept its leading position in global tourism spending since 2012 with outbound tourists splashing almost $277 billion last year, around one fifth of the world’s total spending on tourism. Due to a combination of factors such as the emergence of a newly rich Chinese middle class, easing travel restrictions by the Chinese authorities, simplified destination visa policies, and increasing numbers of direct flight connections from China, Chinese citizens became the largest contributors to the global outbound tourism market and the main source of tourism cash across the world.

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Why it matters to you: A key to a great guest experience is the attitude of your team.

You can't argue with Texas Roadhouse's success over the last decade. Their sales have grown from $3.6 million to $5.2 million AUV and they claim their staff is the real difference maker. Even in the face of a restrictive labor market, they have been adding staff and increasing wages. They also spend a disproportionate amount of time focusing on hiring and training. All this in pursuit of the best guest experience they can provide. There's got to be a lesson in there somewhere.

We think it's the obvious one -- your team matters. Whatever their doing, the CEO claims they hire only “cool people” and that it's why they rock. That type of enthusiasm is exactly what inspires people to stay working for you. The result? They have continued to grow consistently where other chains have stumbled. Their growth has been in traffic as well, which clearly differentiates them from the industry. So the lesson is that keeping your staff as a central mission of your business is a sure fire way to growth. That sounds pretty smart to us.

[Source: FSR Magazine]


Why it matters to you: Kicking off your restaurant with a serious grand opening is fun and smart.

Opening a new restaurant is challenging and exhausting enterprise. It is also crucial to setting your location on a path to success. Back in the ‘90s, I ran a chain of upscale billiard clubs and our grand openings became newsworthy and facilitated a huge response from the local community. Ours were lavish parties, where we invited local dignitaries and characters to begin the buzz around our sleek new playgrounds. It was an opportunity to gain local earned media about the event as well. And there's nothing like the local news outlets doing your advertising for you.

A great grand opening requires planning and creativity, but it doesn't have to be complicated. This post on Toast POS gives you seven grand opening ideas that actually work. Some of them are obvious like inviting friends and family first, and others focus on the new marketing channels like hosting a local influencers event prior to opening. No matter what tactics you employ, getting attention is always the goal and introducing the local community to both your beautiful new restaurant, but to you as a corporate citizen. So tie your grand opening to a charitable aim to even further impress your market that you are here for good (and you mean it both for the long term and do good).

[Source: Toast POS]