Why embracing technology is your best talent recruiting tool

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Have you been eyeing one of those amazing new tablet solutions that allows table side ordering, self-checkout and entertainment? I bet you didn’t know that those types of new technologies are also a recruiting tool.

In a Deloitte Study, the newest generation of employees have indicated loud and clear that they want technology to be a part of their workplace — 74% of them to be exact. Restaurant operators should realize soon that old fashion clipboards will cost them good employees. Restaurants need to up their game. And fast.

Our industry has always grudgingly embraced technology in our businesses. If you are old enough you remember when Microsoft Excel revolutionized inventory or when time clocks stood next to cash registers. Can you imagine going back to that time? 

Millennials are taking over

Here’s the real problem. By 2025 these same Millennials will make up 75% of the American workforce. Therefore, restaurant managers need to embrace new technologies just to stay competitive as an employer. Fortunately, this isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most of the new technologies are already fairly entrenched in our operations.

For example, online scheduling is one of the most successful forms of new technology. Remember the days when it took five calls to manage a shift change or how time-off requests were lost or fabricated? Solutions to these type of issues are exactly the type of technology Millennials are expecting. And the bonus to you is that it makes your life better and your operations run more smoothly.

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Even if you only embrace free tools you will still be satisfying the Millennial generation’s requirement of technology in their work life. I have previously mentioned how powerful Google’s free products are for a small business. It takes a bit of organizing, but once completed you can communicate with your staff directly, share calendars, assign tasks, and more. 

You could literally lose a terrific candidate just based on your WiFi. With data prices always threatening to explode, Millennials want to know they will have no trouble connecting to the network at their place of work. I know, they shouldn’t be on their phones, but really, are you not addicted to yours? So, manage it with policies, but make it easier for them to have access when it’s allowed. They will reward you by being more efficient because of it.

Technology = competitive advantage

Recently, we ran a five days series on technology in our industry and the proof is in the infographic. The consensus is that technology provides a competitive advantage and this includes in recruiting. The good news is that much of the best stuff is really inexpensive because of cloud services. Whether you are controlling your music, taking reservations, using your POS or communicating with the world, you now can do this on the cloud. It’s not nearly as daunting as you think and it can provide economies and efficiencies that more than justify any expense.

The bottom line is that no matter what new technologies you implement you will need to attach a strong return on investment (ROI) argument to justify them. Given how Millennials perceive technology in the work place, it’s fair to say this will improve ROI for any new tech you implement. 

In an ever more competitive labor market, who knew that the simplest things provide the best advantages? So you are part way there. Just finish up and try something new, you won’t regret it.