The Daily Rail: How to Prep Your Restaurant for the Winter Sales Slowdown

GUESTS: Six Ways You're Ruining the Guest Experience

A lot of nationally recognized brands have it right when it comes to finding ways of boosting the guest experience. Some even have a position dedicated to that role. But restaurants also are setting their focus without identifying the real culprits in ruining the guest experience. It's the little things that kill our business. You have the power to not only salvage the guest experience, but enhance it by addressing these six common fails.


Advertising in 2021

Internet advertising is projected to take up more than 50% of ad spending in the next three years, according to Zenith Media. Digital channels are eating up larger portions of total ad spends as more and more people around the world go online through both desktops and, especially, mobile means. The International Telecommunication Union estimates that, as of last year, about half of the world joined the Internet.

Infographic: This Is What Advertising Will Look Like in 2021 | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Which World Leaders Produce the Most CO2?

According to an analysis of 2018 flights of world leaders, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe racked up the most CO² emissions. He produced more than 14,000 tons of CO², followed by U.S. President Donald Trump (11,000 tons), and South Korean President Moon Jae-in (11,000 tons).

Infographic: Which World Leaders are Producing the Most CO2? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Should Chips & Salsa Be Free?

Much like pre-meal bread, should chips & salsa be free to your guests? That’s the question Eater is attacking with their “My First F-Up” series which talks to Eater Young Guns and industry talent on their first – or most notable – industry screw up.


Why it matters to you: McDonald’s is experimenting with accelerated pay but are they playing with fire?

Here’s a Did You Know for you…40% of Americans would struggle to come up with $400 to cover an unexpected expense. Let’s face it, a dominant percentage of your staff -- managers included -- likely fall into this category. So, as a responsible business owner, what do you do when a staff person approaches and explains a situation out of their control that requires they get some cash quickly? If you are an executive at McDonald’s (and Walmart, BTW) your reaction now is to offer them accelerated pay. Accelerated Pay is a euphemism for a pay day loan. These loans are being underwritten by third-party lenders that charge flat fees or flat monthly recurring fees on “pulls.” The average employee is taking about $150. The folks at DailyPay claim the service helps to “reduce turnover, aid in recruitment, and promote financial wellness for employees.”

Whether this is true or not, the alternative for employees are the traditional pay day lender services that charge usurious rates and can place employees in a debt loop they can’t escape. Full disclosure, we think this idea is as dangerous as the author of the blog intimates, but we can’t deny the utility a lot of employees would find in access to pay advances to smooth the financial bumps they face. People without access to modern banking or who live paycheck to paycheck are particularly susceptible to emergent circumstances and a program like this can deliver real value.

That being said, it’s also handcuffing employees to their employer if they get in trouble they didn’t for see. Either way, it’s worth a consideration if you believe it will add value to your staff’s lives. If anything, it’s worthy of significant discussion and debate to determine if its value equals the ethical issues it represents.

[Source: Inc.]


Why it matters to you: Summer’s over, but winter brings its own slowness; here’s how to get ready.

If you read The Daily Rail regularly, then you know we love us some infographics. We create tons of great ones ourselves and appreciate good ones when we see them. Take this one published on Modern Restaurant Management provided by TouchBistro which focuses on how to survive the slow months at your restaurant. You would be excused if you thought, “This might have been nice if it were published last spring.” But have not fear. It is just as relevant today with just three months until the winter slow season takes hold. The infographic focuses on activities you can undertake today to ensure you aren’t wallowing in that slowness and can, in fact, grow during these down stretches.

It starts with a focus on promoting your business before it gets slow, which is why football season is the perfect time to get underway. Thinking ahead allows your guests time to include your future promotional schedule into their own life schedule. But the graphic doesn’t just review marketing because there’s more to your business than just the inviting guests to the party. You also have to make it financially, which is why the graphic reminds you that setting aside some funds to weather the slow periods coupled with increasing your controls is a core strategy to survival. The remainder of it discusses the operational items you can address in anticipation of a downturn. Heck this might even be a good primer if we hit a recession, never mind that WINTER IS COMING

[Source Modern Restaurant Management & TouchBistro]