Plan Your Promotional Calendar in 13 Week Segments [Hack #070]

Changing with the seasons

Having trouble coming up with promotional ideas? The secret here is to market in 13 week stretches.

There are four quarters to the year and they are each 13 weeks long. This is the perfect, discreet timing to run promotions. Think of it in terms of seasons. There are four per year, so by following them you keep your offers and promotions fresh & relevant.

You wouldn’t do a hot coffee drink promo in July or frozen drinks in January (although that can be a fun twist), so the seasons are a great way add tempo and timing to your marketing efforts.

Sure, you continue to run year-round programs because they are the tools that make your seasonal programming work. Email marketing and social media efforts should continue, but promotions are, well, promotional. They thrive on things like scarcity and novelty. They are the perfect content to your content marketing program. That means you have to plan ahead, but that also ensures you can create and implement better promotions. 

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