The Daily Rail: What Drives Millennials to Connect With Your Restaurant?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


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TECH: Does Your Restaurant Really Need a Mobile App?

Seems like every restaurant has an app these days, but do you really need one? Here's what one restaurant industry expert thinks.


WATCH: Best Rookie Bartender Fails

Ever since servers start their first day, they instantly start planning for when they’re promoted to bartender. When that day comes, they tend to get a bit overwhelmed because it’s not as easy as it looks. We’ve collected seven videos of servers training as bartenders and surprise… they FAILED.





Welcome to Anonymouse

Well, this is adorable. An art group named Anonymouse has opened a chain of miniature restaurants designed to cater mice in Sweden. The 25x12” stores offer everything a modern mouse needs. Check the pics here.

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Fisher-Price “Happy Hour Playset”

Wonder how gullible people are? A lot of folks got up in arms after a fake marketing image of a “Happy House Player” by Fisher-Price made the rounds. Check it out. We’re hoping they have chocolate milk on draft.

Whom wants this for Xmas? 😭🎁

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Ever Seen a “Panic Drink?”

Urban Dictionary added a slew of new words to its website, including panic drink which is the default drink someone orders when unfamiliar with drinks options or not ready to order. What’s your panic drink of choice?




Why it matter to you: This group of “young people” makes up a significant portion of restaurant guests.

The purchasing power of millennials is nothing to scoff at, but at the same time, their behavior can leave traditional business owners scratching their heads. Studies have shown, millennials don’t want to talk to people, except for their friends. Millennials would much rather order their food and sit down without having to interact with anyone else. Maybe that’s why delivery services like GrubHub and Foodler are killing it right now.

Beyond wanting to be left alone, millennials also want to make sure their purchasing power is supporting good endeavors. Brands like Toms’ and Warby Parker are capitalizing on this idea with business models that promise to support those in need with every purchase. Millennials care about improving the world, so make sure your establishment is providing value in a way beyond food and drink to attract this group to spending their dough with you, not the other guy.



Why it matters to you: As a restaurant operator, you need to be prepared to react if your guests show blatant disrespect for your staff.

In the wake of the holiday season, an outrageously horrible incident took place in one restaurant. In a Facebook post, a couple told their Facebook friends that when they dine in restaurants, they attempt to motivate their waitress into giving better, faster service by leaving 5 dollar bills on the table under a knife. The couple implied that every time the waitress made a mistake, they took a bill off the table.

If your employee came to you with a similar situation, how would you respond? In reality, there are guests that will not treat your staff well. It’s your job to back up your employees when they are uncomfortable. However, in any restaurant we recommend the manager to politely inform the guest that this behavior is unacceptable.



Why it matters to you: What have you had stolen from your restaurant?

If you work at a restaurant, you’ve probably experienced people attempting to steal in one way or another. According to a Munchies article, people working in the industry report the strangest things ever stolen from their establishment. On the list, an assortment of lamps, glassware, a beer tap, and… life-size decorations. Multiple restaurants describe people stealing large decorations such as a large Buddha statue (stolen over three times) and a giant (and heavy) Santa sculpture. Thankfully the Buddha bandit was caught but the same couldn’t be said for the Santa stealer.      

Have you had a similar experience? Click here to share your story with us!


Ba-Rumpa Bah Bah

Why it matters to you: What does your music choices say to your guests?

A guest note went viral when I Jacksonville Florida manager posted it online. The subject of the note: Christmas music. Turns out this guest was particularly offended by the religious nature of the music that was playing at Michael Tasting Room. Chef Michel Lugo posted the note which said, “Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing “holiday” music or less religious-themed” and add his own comment, “Really…what’s wrong with people.” While we have no answer for the chef’s query, we do know that our restaurants attract lots of folks from different cultures and backgrounds.

Let’s be direct here. The music you choose is up to you, but you must be prepared for a guest’s reaction to it. If you are playing particularly religious songs, then you may here some comments from guests that don’t share your spiritual values.  Sirius XM has 8 separate channels dedicated to holiday music, so you do have some choices. As long as you don’t care how guests respond, play what you like. However, if you do care that guests are comfortable, you may consider less religious holiday themed choices. They are your decision, but almost all decisions have a consequence. It’s up to you what you are willing to experience in the name of your holiday atmosphere.