Do You Match Up to These Holiday-Ready Restaurants?

Some restaurants see a spike in sales over the holiday season whereas some see the opposite. One thing that’s hard to ignore and can help bring people to your establishment are the holiday-themed decorations. Some do an excellent job as an added accent where other restaurants completely incorporate their decorations into the restaurant’s theme. Here are some restaurants with their holiday décor on full blast. You decide who wins! 


Zinful Panini Grill & Wine Bar Kennewick, WA

Looking for a low key-holiday look? Zinful Panini Grill and Bar in Kennewick, WA provides a classically simple winter theme and decorations without going overboard.  


Augies Booze & Schmooze Chicago, IL

Here is more of a subtle hint of holiday décor that doesn’t detract from the restaurant’s overall impression. Augies Booze & Schmooze in Chicago isn’t trying to stand out as much as it is providing an added touch to the dining experience.   


Rolf’s German Restaurant Third Avenue, New York, NY 

Now if you’re looking for seriously all-out on décor this holiday season, take a look at the Christmas capital of the world. Rolf’s German-style restaurant is located in New York and does not fall short of providing a holiday-themed experience. Just… WOW. We wonder how many hours it took to set up!


Beach Blanket Babylon Restaurant and Bar Shoreditch, London

For more of an upscale establishment, Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in London does a great job with providing an elegant feel with their dim lighting and holiday wreaths hanging from the ceiling. This is more suitable for fine-dining. 


Panna II Garden (Indian food) Avenue #2, New York, NY

This Indian restaurant knows how to party. Panna II Garden located in New York is decked out with an assortment of colorful lights hanging low to provide a cozier setting. (Also these lights are up year-round). 


‘Stranger Things’ Pop-Up 1843 7th Street Northwest Washington, DC

Love Stranger Things on Netflix? Then you definitely need to check out Miracle on 7th Street, officially opened to the public on Black Friday & staying open seven days a week until New Year’s Eve. There are three official locations all around Washington, DC. There is definitely no shortage of Christmas theme going on here!