Boost Your Sports Bar's Social Media [Hack #077]

Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter, anymore.

They’re relevant on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare, too. Now that you’ve got people coming to your bar for the big game, make sure they know how to tell the world where they are. A clear, established hashtag is the easiest way to do it. Encouraging a check-in via Facebook or Foursquare is an excellent idea, too.

These check-ins and hashtagged updates are so critical because you’re getting your patrons to do your marketing for you. What’s better — to have your establishment post an update about a wings promo during the game, or to have 150 patrons post about it with a check-in at your bar, pictures of their beers, and the hashtag.

For bonus points, create fun social media-based promotions. For example, get lifesize cardboard cutouts for guests to take pictures with and share online or run a branded social media raffle.