Try Memes as a Form of Self-Promotion [Hack #107]

What do you meme?

If you have been on any social media platform within the last several years you have seen a meme (pronounced ‘meem’ not ‘me-me’). There are thousands of accounts that post memes every day; some people even make quite the living off of it.

Memes gained popularity some time ago due to their relatability to our daily lives mixed with current and topical humor. Keeping that in mind, the best accounts create memes that end up being a funny while subtly self-promoting. It takes some time to get the hang of it, but if you can make some funny memes based off of the service industry, sports, or some pet peeve everyone shares, its likelihood of being shared around is HUGE.

The key to getting people directed to your account here is simple -- use a watermark. People need to know where the meme originated. If they found that one meme funny, there could be more where that came from, right? So, how do they find your account? The watermark (which can be your logo or text of your restaurant’s name) allows online users to find your social media account and lowers the chance of it being stolen by another group.

These memes show that not only does your staff/restaurant have a good sense of humor and are in touch, but that it might also be worth a follow or (ideally) checking the restaurant out in person to see what you are all about.

Below are some shareable examples however, if you'd like to create your own and aren’t Photoshop-savvy enough to make them on your own try these sites:

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