Order Up! Technology in the Restaurant Industry [Infographic]

The Rail's Restaurant Technology Primer

In this five-part series, restaurant managers and operators will get an overview of how the restaurant industry views and consumes technology. Get tips for creating a successful digital strategy that works in the industry. Learn about four new tech your restaurant should consider exploring. Find out if your establishment is optimized for mobile diners. And lastly, learn how to protect your restaurant from cyber attackers (yes, they're aiming for you!).

All this new technology should and shouldn’t scare the POOP out of you!

I remember my first point of sales (POS) installation experience like it was a nightmare from last night. It was Valentine’s Day when it was finally installed — the only day our vendor had available for months. I was impetuous back then and implemented the technology immediately…

You can imagine the scene. Servers all needing help ringing in orders, bartenders not understanding the ticketing system, a kitchen rebelling against the sound of an oncoming ticket for a 12 top…

Who is in a party of 12 on Valentine’s Day?

Well it worked out — eventually — and we had shiny new piece of technology to manage operations, track sales and build character ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). 

If I knew then how much more intense all the technologies would become that support our industry, I would have surely moved to Silicon Valley and set up shop there. Oh well, I can’t go back so I must move forward.

And that really is the inspiration for this weekly series on technology — how to move forward. I understand that for many email is still a breakthrough, but time isn’t waiting for us to acquiesce to its determined march forward. In this series we touch four relevant topics that demand your attention if you are going to succeed with the brave new world of tech in restaurants.

Our Order Up! infographic maps out plenty of subject matter that we dig in with this series. We start off with going over the basics of creating a successful digital strategy, so your prospective diners can find you and enjoy your establishment.

Download the infographic PDF here.

Infographic: Order up! Technology in the Restaurant Industry. Download here.

After that, we move onto a survey of four technologies that merit your immediate attention. Mobile payments alone will account for $85 billion in transactions in 2016 and many of them in will be happening in our industry. The new and emerging technology we talk about in this story will be something every restaurant and bar will want to consider looking into.

From there we find out if your restaurant is primed for mobile consumption. More and more diners are using their phones to find places to eat, but if you're not mobile optimized you could be losing out on some major business.

Lastly, we scare the POOP out of you and look at restaurant cybersecurity. It’s something you don’t likely think about as an operator, but you are exposed and we offer you a fairly simply strategy to start protecting yourself.  

We won’t promise you will feel better, but you WILL be better informed.

These are all fairly short reads and you can view them on our site together or separately as they appear. Either way we look forward to convincing you that there is so much more for you to do before you sleep.