Yelp oxymoron: 'Our waiter was great' but the service was poor

Can you really say that your waiter was great but the service was poor in the same review? If the waiter was so great, don’t you think the reviewer should have identified him by name? While I guess it was nice of the guest not to lump his waiter in with the whole of the experience, it kind of makes you question the validity of the review. 

Was the reviewer confused or was he trying to make a nuanced distinction between an attentive waiter and a disorganized kitchen? The rest of the review is fairly well articulated, with enough detail for you not to write this off as being from a fake account or a disgruntled former employee. I’m still left asking myself, though, if a salad can really be lackluster? 

This reviewer may suffer from the “but” syndrome, in which he feels compelled to say something positive before giving his true negative opinion. “Steaks cooked accordingly, BUT…” 

In a world where every review can be taken with a grain of salt, is this one that you would ignore?

Image from Imgur