#NoShowShame: Restaurant owner outs reservation no-shows

The Internet is known for many things -- cat photos, animated GIFs, porn, and complaining. One Australian restaurant owner is leveraging one of those things (the complaining, we swear), by publicly shaming restaurant reservation no-shows with the hashtag #NoShowShame.

Behold Erez Gordon and the power of the Internet.

#NoShowShame tweets shame customers who don't show up to their restaurant reservations
#NoShowShame restaurant reservation 
#NoShowShame takes on restaurant booking no-shows

This is like the less adorable but more schadenfreudian version of Dog Shaming. And sure, it screams passive-aggressive, but what are restaurant owners to do? They can't file charges.

It's bringing to light just how often restaurant reservations go unclaimed, costing operators good business and money. It's especially bad in Australia, according to Dimmi, Australia's largest restaurant booking service. Despite this, at least one customer is "fighting back" against Gordon and his crusade.

Ummm... it's called Yelp, bro.

Gordon, however, isn't the only owner shaming reservation no shows. Joel Best, of Bondi's Best, is also hopping on the shame wagon.

I don’t care if people ring up half an hour beforehand and say, ‘I can’t make it,’ because then we can give the table away. We call them 15 minutes into their booking and say, ‘Where are you?’ They just hang up. It comes down to rudeness.
— Joel Best, owner of Bondi's Best Seafood

Best has even gone as far as banning customers who fail to show up to bookings. Best comes off harsh, but all he wants is a phone call (Who doesn't, man?).

What do you think? Are you onboard with publicly shaming reservation no-shows? How does your restaurant handle no-shows? Let us know in the comment section below.