Make an employee's first day special [Hack #033]

Home sweet home

We have all had a first day on a new job. It’s awkward and you feel tentative. So making it a big deal is a smart way to improve that experience. Who among us doesn’t want to feel welcomed at work? One simple approach can be to post a picture of a new staff person along with a short description of their experience and background.

This does two things simultaneously. First, it introduces your team to a new member before they start, thus insuring the person will feel familiar and therefore welcome. Second, it makes a clear statement to your staff about your support of the new person and how you expect them to be engaged.

From there, don’t rush the orientation process. Carve out the time necessary so the new hire feels your commitment to them and their tenure on your team. It’s a small investment in your time when you consider the cost of losing someone to not doing this well.

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