Would you serve this 3D printed pizza?

What's the hardest part about making pizza?

Shaping the dough... 

The solution? Print it. Or so says Natural Machines, a 3D food printer company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Foodini is their 3D printer and it'll spit out the dough and sauce to a dish for you. Just add toppings and toss into your oven to cook.

Foodini will also make you mini-burgers (spoiler: it looks nothing like a burger) and even spaghetti. We're personally tickled by the dinosaur-shaped quiches, though.

Natural Machines co-founder Lyntette Kucsma says Foodini costs $2,000 and is being used in high-end restaurants (though there's no word of which restaurants).

While the technology is still pretty much in it's infancy, it's a cool concept that's bringing us one step closer to having Star Trek food replicators. How appetizing the food is seems to vary on the video, but Foodini seems perfect for repetitive tasks, freeing up cooks to do more nuanced work that need a personal touch. The tech is definitely promising.

The next question is will 3D food printers hit the big time like microwaves or struggle like robots?

What do you think? Would you use a food 3D printer in your kitchen or do you prefer to leave the work to your staff's hands? Let us know in the comment section below.