Mysterious diner gives college-bound waitress $1,000 tip

Now this is starting your college career off right.

Alesha Palmer, of Vetoni's Italian Restaurant in Gun Barrel City, TX, got a sweet surprise when her manager approached her with a receipt that included a $1,000 tip on top of a $9.60 bill.

Making it rain in Texas

First off... Gun Barrel City? That can't be a real town, right?

Secondly, we're super jelly of Alesha.

Apparently, she had been talking about her college plans to a couple she was serving. A solo-diner eating next to the table overheard and dug into his pockets to give her a little pre-school financial boost. When Alesha saw the diner speaking with her boss, she thought she had screwed something up and was getting a complaint.

Instead, she got a sweet tip.

We were at the hostess stand and the guy had just walked out and I said, ‘Mike, did I do something wrong? He said, ‘I wish I knew that man’s name. This is a first.’
— Alesha Palmer, waitress
Alesha Palmer was happily surprised after a mysterious customer left her a $1,000 tip for her college education.

An amazingly nice gesture by her mysterious benefactor. Alesha said she started waitressing to help put money away for college tuition, books and to live off of.

Nice to see tipping stories like this to balance the dreary server got stiffed again tales.