How Hollywood sees us: ‘Ratatouille’ gets it right

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #3

So often, Hollywood completely confuses what we do with how a guest perceives it. The truth is that most restaurant operations are a miracle of disparate moving parts that somehow come together to create fun and memorable experiences. I have come across one movie that came close to capturing the essence of our business.

Suffice to say, having the most famous and accomplished American chef as a consultant contributes to how well Ratatouille reflect us. Thomas Keller insured that we wouldn’t look like clowns, and that what we do matters to people. They even got the label of a Grand Cru Cheval Blanc right because of him.

Ratatouille was so good it even got the Grand Cru Cheval Blanc label right

No question, we can be proud of the service we provide, the memories we inspire and the joy we bring. We are professionals. And at least in this movie, Hollywood got it right.