Share relevant content with your staff [Hack #039]

Leaders lead by example

There are many parts to being a true leader in your restaurant. Among the most overlooked is your role as an influencer for your staff. They look to you for insight and direction as pertains to running your restaurant. Even if you are in a chain gig, your team still expects you to give them a clue to your company’s values and goals.

Why not share those values by being a thought leader? This is defined as someone who presents information and ideas to others to influence their thinking or beliefs. If you are at all ambitious, you are reading content related to our industry. It’s what we, at The Rail, aspire to do for our subscribers. Many times our content is meant to entertain and inform, but you aren’t limited to those goals. Let’s say you are frustrated by your ticket time performance. Share an article or blog post that addresses the importance of ticket times to the guest experience. Signal to your team that this matters and you are focusing on it. You will be surprised by their response.

Even if you are only attempting to start a conversation around a topic to create awareness, you can’t miss by sharing information and opinion with your team. For example, if you want focus on food safety, share an article on the trials that Chipotle has experienced over the past year. It doesn’t have to be all serious, but it does have to be relevant to your company’s goals. Otherwise it devolves into silly meme’s and social media goofs. So, be a leader and share what’s important to you by sharing content that reinforces your goals.

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