Require new hires to pass a menu test [Hack #043]

It's a win-win situation

Finding the right candidates for the positions on your staff is a crucial element of your overall success. It is your right to make a condition of appointment that a recruit take a menu test prior to beginning their employment. This simple task has three very direct positive impacts on your business.

First, it demonstrates the recruit wants the job. It’s unlikely they would endure the test prep and examination if they were not sure yours was the place they want to work. Second, the recruit proves they know how to learn and to work independently without supervision. Third, the recruit begins their tenure on your staff with specific skill and are competent to answer a guest’s question regarding your menu. If for no other reason, it will make them feel better about their first few days of work. It’s worth it.

Assuming that your food and beverages are relevant to every person on your staff, this policy can be for enforced for every position. The more a new staff members knows of your operation before they start the more quickly they will achieve full competency, thus saving you on the hidden costs of turnover.