Artist turns menus into masterpieces

 You might think your food is a work of art but have you ever considered your menu as art? 

Patrick Nguyen, 32, of Atlanta, has been spending his time going around local restaurants and doodling some cool drawings on paper menus.

Nguyen says he asks staff for extra menus when he starts doodling (we wonder what the restaurant managers think about that). He then gives the menu art to the staff to enjoy. His way of giving back.

I give it to the kitchen staff, because they are the unsung heroes and don’t get to see how people react to the food. I like the idea of exchanging art forms as appreciation.
— Patrick Nguyen, artist

He's even made menu art for an entire's restaurant staff of 25 employees. Nguyen always gives his art to the staff for free and never tries getting a free meal out of the deal.

I don’t want to eat for free, because I know how much it costs to run a restaurant.
— Nguyen

He's been posting pics of his menu art on his Instagram account, Dozfy. Here's some of our favorites.